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The Kingston Chronicles

Anastasia Kingston moved to LA to be free. But the bright lights of the city cast dark shadows. Discovering the family secret allows her to enter a world of magic and mystery but it brings with it the attraction of a psychotic stalker. Can Anastasia learn to control her magic and fight the advances of this mysterious foe who wants nothing more than to make the young heiress his?
Anastasia just wanted to move on from the horror of last summer. She wanted to learn the Craft and hang out with her billionaire boyfriend Aidon Conway. But her stalker is determined to make her his. Unmasking his identity was only the beginning of her nightmare. Can Anastasia use newfound magic and fight this foe? Or will her stalker finally succeed in making Anastasia his?
When Esther Conway’s estranged sister returns to Los Angeles looking for a family heirloom, old rivalries and bad memories are reawakened. But is their grandmother’s chalice the only thing that brings Callista to Esther’s door? As secrets from the past threaten to reveal themselves, can Esther reconcile with her sister before it’s too late? Or does Callista have something else in mind?

The Lady of Zion

Grace Haskiel knows the truth.
When she finds Nikili on a park bench she expected to be drawn into the War between Heaven and Hell. She was Nephilim after all. But she never expected to discover a truth so shocking it would change the universe.
Now Grace is determined to get the truth out there and with the help of her new found Fallen friends she’s going to do just that. But can Grace complete her mission before the Nuri, Heaven’s Special Forces, find her and shut her up for good?
Grace Haskiel found the Holy Grail. She found the missing goddess Asherah. Now she’s been tasked with finding the Horn of Gabriel, a celestial instrument with the power to break any curse. But the Horn won’t be easy to find.

She’s not the only one looking for the Horn either. The Nuri, Zion’s Secret Service, are hunting the Horn and Grace too. With the help of her Demonic friends can she find the divine instrument before it falls into Zion’s hands?
With a new era dawning over the Elohim and the Araphel change is coming rapidly to the Heavens and the Underworld. When Asherah comes up with a plan to defeat her ex-husband Yahweh once and for all loyalties are divided. Can Grace talk her out of her radical plan?
But Asherah’s plan is the least of their concerns. When Yahweh disappears the hunt is on to find him before he can take revenge on the goddess. Grace is pulled into the hunt for Yahweh but in doing so her greatest secret might just be found out. 
Grace Haskiel is keeping a secret, one that could see her exiled from Zion and the Underworld forever. Time is running out to set things right, but she has no idea how she’s going to.

Meanwhile Baal and Mot are trying to overthrow Queen Asherah’s rule, and Grace discovers her connection to the mysterious goddess Shapash. Grace is not who she seems to be. Can she handle the latest task Shapash gives her? To even consider such a course of action would be treason, but is it a necessary evil?

Coming in 2021

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