Unboxing: Hekate Devotional Box

Today my Hekate Devotional Box arrived from Muses of Mystery in Melbourne! *happy dance*

When they posted this box on social media a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t help myself and splurged. There was one item in particular I’d been eyeing off on Amazon which is currently almost $70 on one seller. The box of stuff was $80 so that was just the tipping point for me. I thought “What a great valued box!” and clicked “add to cart”.

As soon as I opened the postage bag my senses were ensnared. The package came with it’s own scent which wafted out at me as I pulled the packaging open. Not entirely sure what the scent was mixed with but there was something wintergreen-y in it. Just from the scent alone it felt like magic was pouring out of the tough bag.

In the top of the package were two rolled scrolls, one with information as to what the box contained, and one on the goddess herself. These will go into one of my Book of Shadows for reference. I have several BoSs due to the nature of my studies and the fact that sometimes it’s just easier to print stuff off than hand write into your books. Also, it becomes handy for one of your Book of Shadows to be a ring binder when you buy one off or subscription boxes like this. I mean, I love the aesthetic of leather bound, calligraphied text and hand inked illustrations, but they aren’t always practical, achievable, or worth the hassle. I liked that the scrolls came tied with red ribbons, not only for their colour connection to Hekate but because I can save them and use them for spell work later. I’m a big believer in saving things like that for Craft projects, craft projects, and just cause they’re handy. 

Once I skim read the scrolls I looked inside the box goodies. First off I pulled out the Key necklace which is to “wear to unlock power & receive Her wisdom”, at least, according to the White Scroll. Honestly, I have a large key I already wear and this key is charm bracelet sized so I’m not likely to wear it. However, I’ve been wanting to make a statue of the goddess and it’s likely I’ll save it for that. The charm came on a cord of neoprene which I’ll probably toss if I don’t use it on the statue. Neoprene tends to “bleed” on me and leave a dirty mark on my neck (or I’m having a reaction to it like I do to copper) and I learnt in my teen years it’s just not worth it to wear neoprene. Nothing I do gets the colour out until the dead skin cells disappear. I always keep keys now whenever I find them, so I’m sure I’ll find a magical use for it eventually. 

There was an anointed black taper candle, which according to the info sheet is to be anointed with the Hekate Oil (also in the box) to be burned during ritual. I think I might save this for Hekate’s Night on August 13th. There’s a few rituals I want to do then to the goddess, and I think it would be the perfect time to use this candle. In fact I might save a number of these goodies for the 13th. My candle stash is getting low so it’s nice to have a new one, especially one already dedicated to Hekate. 

The Candle has herbs stuck to it with wax so I’m wondering if they will give off scent while burning. My Beltane Candle this year was rolled in herbs but didn’t burn a scent like I’d hoped it would. My witchcraft is a journey, learning as I go, so I’ll figure out how to have the best of both worlds eventually. 

Next there was a Black Poppet. I’ve never worked with poppets before but there’s some scant instructions in the White Scroll that came in the box. I’ll probably use this as inspiration to write my own ritual for the poppet when I’m ready to use it. I know quite a bit of theory behind the use of poppets, but I’ve never found a reason to make one before. Predominantly I see them used in “darker” magics, ie. magics against a person or force, and that’s something I don’t really focus on. I like to focus on self improvement. 

There was also a small unlabelled bag containing Star Anise, what appears to be saffron, and other herbs. I’m guessing this is the Soteria Blend the White Scroll says has been included for use in the poppet. I believe the intention is to stuff the poppet with stuffing and the herb mix, and then to sew the pieces together and cast your spells. 

In the box was also a Hekate Oil blend, presumably the one for anointing the candle. Like the incense it doesn’t say what the ingredients are but I can detect notes of mint and patchouli when I sniffed it. There’s also instructions on the bottle to use it on your pulse points and forehead to promote your connection to the goddess. 

I’m pretty excited about this oil because I’ve just tried making my own. It’s a completely different scent to mine and I’d love to know which essential oils they used. I’ll probably keep this as an annointing oil rather than use it in my wax/oil burner like I often do with my oils (or I use them in the bathtub). Either way it’s going to go into my special box of magical things, ready for whenever it is my subconscious bought it for. 

There was a small (maybe 20gm?) sachet of Hekate of The Crossroads Incense. There’s information on the back of the tag explaining what to use the incense for but nothing on what the incense contains. My usual Hekate Blend is the Keeping Her Keys basic incense blend of Bay, Sage, and Mugwort. I’m expecting it to be similar but I won’t know until I try it. There was also a single bagged charcoal disc to burn the incense on.


There was a mojo bag which I didn’t realise already contained the ingredients for it. Sorry the picture is a little blurry. It looked okay on my phone. I thought it was going to come as a DIY kit, so when I opened it to see what the Hematite, Moonstone, and Yew looked like I spilled Graveyard dirt everywhere. Oops. I managed to get most of it back in the bag though and I’m taking it as the goddess anointing me in the dirt (please don’t burst my bubble). 

I’m a little disappointed it’s a pre-made bag actually. I was looking forward to making the mojo bag with the supplied ingredients. I quite enjoy making mojo bags. I know it’s a predominately Voodoo type of magic but they are really handy and super versatile. 

Getting towards the bottom of the box was one of the items I was most eager to look at: Hekate: A Devotional by Vivienne Moss. I’m looking forward to reading that later. The book is slightly damaged but nothing that will hinder my reading it. I’ll probably write a review of it and if I don’t post it here you’ll be able to find it on Goodreads or Amazon (where I post most of my reviews). I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book so it’s going towards the top of my To Be Read pile. Hekate as a Goddess is really having a moment right now which is great, because historically there’s been little written about her. I’ve been relying a lot on academic journals and scholarly debate for information (one of the perks of being Alumni of the university I went to means I still have access to some of their database subscriptions).

Another item I was intrigued with when I saw the list on the Muses of Mystery online store, was Hekate’s Labyrinth. It’s a round disc, (feels like it might be made of plasterboard or similar), with a maze etched into the face. It’s a meditational tool, you use your finger to follow the winding path, to achieve the same result as physically walking a labyrinth. I’d love to have a stonework labyrinth in my backyard but for now this will have to do. The picture makes it look huge but it’s probably about 20cm across. Small enough that it can sit on my desk for when I’m stressed out from work or sizeable enough that I can put it on my altar for ritual purposes at other times. 

Also included in the box was Hekate Mist, an alcohol based spray. It smells lovely. Kind of perfume-y. Not sure what I’ll use it for yet but I’ll probably use it to bless the altar cloth that was also in the box. My website host won’t let me post a picture of the cloth because they think it’s too big (don’t know why because it’s the same size as all these other photos). The Altar cloth is a black cloth (maybe linen?) with a silver strophalos embroidered at the centre. I don’t usually use altar cloths because of fire risk but I might save this to use on Hekate’s night or use it as a base for a Hekate Cleromancy kit. I’m very inspired by Cyndi Brannen’s cleromancy chart and have been wanting to learn this divination technique.

One of my best friends just gifted me a handmade cleromancy kit so I’ll probably play around with that for a while, while I learn how to use it properly. I apologise for my use of the word “play” divination techniques aren’t something you should “play” with, but they do take a while to find a rhythm within. 

The second last item in the Devotional box was a Skull Spoon. I already have one of these that I use to scoop my loose incense blends onto charcoal with. I guess this will be a back up or used in potion brewing. I will definitely use it though.

All in all, I’m really happy with the quality and contents of this devotional box. It came from the other side of the country in just over a week (pretty quick for Australia Post) and I’m confident I’ll use everything that was included in the box. I’d definitely recommend purchasing a box in the future if your chosen deity comes up or if you’re a new witch growing your collection of ritual goodies. It takes time and money to start a “witch kit” and boxes like these can help. I find I use less tools and things in my practise as I get further along my path but every witch is different. Thanks Muses of Mystery!


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