Book Review: Hidden Magic

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Book Review: Hidden Magic (Dragon’s Gift: The Huntress 0.5)
Author: Linsey Hall
Genre: Urban Fantasy
$$$: $0 AUD for Kindle, $17.82 AUD Paperback (at time article was published 11/05/2020)
Publisher: Bonnie Doon Press, LLC
Publication 4 June 2017

 3 stars


Cass Clereaux is a FireSoul—one of the unlucky few to inherit a piece of the dragon’s soul. It gives her a deadly, forbidden magic, but at least it helps her find treasure. The only people she can trust are her fellow FireSouls, Del and Nix. They hunt treasure to pay the bills and keep their FireSoul secret to save their lives.

When Cass is blackmailed by a criminal overlord who holds their lives in his hands, things get rough. He wants a pair of rare daggers hidden inside a deadly temple. If Cass and her friends don’t get him the daggers, they’re dead. But when they get into the temple, they realize that things are even worse than they’d imagined. What was supposed to be a normal job is decidedly…not. And surviving it might be impossible.

Hidden Magic features kick butt heroines, a hot hero, and otherworldly adventure.

I picked this book up as a freebie. I’m not sure if it was from Amazon directly, the author’s newsletter, or a BookFunnel giveaway. I get lots of free books so I can’t keep track of where I get them all. Standard Disclaimer: I’m not getting paid to review this. I enjoyed it and thought you might too.

A quick rundown of the story. Hidden Magic revolves around the lives of three “sisters”, witches with unusual dragon powers. In a society where magic is prevalent, but hidden from normal humans, even Dragon powers are rare and mistrusted. The sisters are being blackmailed by an awful employer who makes them hunt magical items in exchange for keeping their secret. Hidden Magic is like Charmed (TV show) meets Indiana Jones. There’s a lot of action and the sisters using their powers in tandem to get the job done.

The story was fast paced, a long short story, or a short novella, rather than a full novel. It was an easy read for me. I think I read it in about an hour (pre-coronavirus).

My favourite scene was probably early in the piece where the sisters are drinking in a bar in the middle of the jungle. It’s a magical establishment and the way it was described just makes me wish I could hang out there too. I also liked the ending and the way the sisters used their powers to overcome obstacles in their life. I don’t want to say too much more and ruin the story for you.

Hall is a good writer. I thought some of the sections could have been slower (it was pretty fast paced the whole way through), and some things could have been expanded on but as this is a prequel book maybe that’s something she goes into more detail in, in the series. Overall though it was still an enjoyable read. I probably wouldn’t pick it up and read it again, but it definitely passed an afternoon pleasantly. I recommend this book for readers who enjoy book about witches, shows like Charmed, and adventure stories like Indiana Jones.

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