Poem: My Greatest Fear

Happy New Year! I missed posting last week because I’ve had internet connection issues this week. Everything is back to normal now (I hope) and I’m really excited to share another poem with you this week. I don’t normally write poems this long but to tell this story it really did need to be this long. Once again this poem is based off the myth of Hades and Persephone mixed with a really weird nightmare I once had.

My Greatest Fear

By B. Forrester

I had a dream the other night,
(clichéd I know) it filled me with fright,
My greatest fear became reality,
no longer would he love me.

I was married to this man I know,
over the years my love had grown,
But then my world grew dank and dark,
his haunting words made a lasting mark.

I turned and ran away to hide,
bitching to my friends I cried.
I didn’t understand the pain,
wishing that he felt the same.

He turned me into something else,
a monster from the depths of hell.
My finger nails transformed to talons,
my sanity now in the balance.

No emotions or pain were felt,
as blackened aces were dealt.
Now a cold uncaring King,
he had been my everything,

Now realise torment can bring about,
changes profound without a doubt,
talons tearing flesh from limb,
survival chances getting slim.

I went and found my fallen idol,
but it only made me suicidal.
Off the balcony I took a dive.
He didn’t know that I survived.

My sister arrived, in hopes to attain,
my supposedly lifeless remains.
She took me away from that dreary place,
and the cause of my disgrace.

Now I could live a happier life,
I no longer needed to be his wife.
My pain I had now defeated:
after death had been cheated.

I woke up shaking, panting violently,
and relieved I quickly lay back silently.
Happy it had been a dream
yet still confused to the extreme.


Published by bforresterbooks

Indie Author. Lover of all things supernatural, witchy and magical. Obsessed fan of The Wizard of Oz, Supernatural, the works of Tolkien and the Harry Potter Universe. You can purchase my debut novel The Kingston Chronicles at Amazon.

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