Yesterday was Litha! I’ve been busy editing, so I didn’t really celebrate much. How did you celebrate? I wanted to hit the beach with the Man Beast and the dogs, but the Man Beast was working flat out so we didn’t make it. I also got lost down a rabbit hole researching early American Witch Trials when I should have been finishing Samhain Sorcery. I’m sorry but it’s fascinating.

In other news: I now have a mailing list! I spent a good portion of last weekend building my mailing list with Mailchimp. I’m still working it out but it’s super exciting for me. Currently, if you join my mailing list, you’ll receive a free e-book. It’s a short story set during The Kingston Chronicles. If you’ve read The Kingston Chronicles this is a nice little side note. If you haven’t read it, but would like to, I’ve made sure that The MacKay Chalice does not contain any spoilers. There’s a simple pop up form on this website that you can fill out to join. I think, currently, it’s only appearing when you click the link to the blog at the top of the page. If you’re reading this through WordPress’ reader view I’m not sure whether or not the pop up is appearing to you or not. (If someone could let me know that would be awesome.) I’m still trying to figure out how to embed the form in the side bar on the site. Becoming an Indie Author has meant I’ve been getting a crash course in marketing, design, coding and a lot of other things and there’s still so much for me to learn.

Happy Holidays!


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Indie Author. Lover of all things supernatural, witchy and magical. Obsessed fan of The Wizard of Oz, Supernatural, the works of Tolkien and the Harry Potter Universe. You can purchase my debut novel The Kingston Chronicles at Amazon.

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