Samhain Sorcery – first draft done

It’s done! The first draft of Samhain Sorcery is officially done! (Or at least, as done as it’s gonna get) *runs around the room and dances to silent music*.

First drafts can be either the easiest or the hardest thing to do as a writer. This has been the hardest thing I’ve written so far.

Now I’m in the deep focus period of editing. I’ll still be popping out of the editing cave to post my weekly blog but 90% of my time is going to be polishing up this manuscript so I can bring it to you 2019.

Wish me luck!


In other news, I’m currently running a poll on Facebook to find out what kind of content my blog readers would like me to share more of next year. Check it out and let me know what you want to see more of.

Here’s the link to my Facebook Poll


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Indie Author. Lover of all things supernatural, witchy and magical. Obsessed fan of The Wizard of Oz, Supernatural, the works of Tolkien and the Harry Potter Universe. You can purchase my debut novel The Kingston Chronicles at Amazon.

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