Poem: Ghostly Stalker

IMG_0328I wanted to share another poem with you today. This is another of the poems I wrote for my poetry class at Uni. I love ghost stories and was a huge fan of The Mediator series by Meg Cabot. I firmly believe ghosts are real but what if we can’t see them? Or maybe some people can see them and others can’t like the characters in The Mediator or Medium. If you haven’t read The Mediator, it is a Young Adult Urban Fantasy series revolving around the character Susannah Simon, who can see ghosts and helps them move on to their next destination. I wouldn’t have got through high school without these books. A huge theme in the series is her relationship with a ghost that haunts her home in Carmel, California. I was thinking about these themes when I wrote this. I wondered “What if ghosts are real, and what if they are not a shadow of their former selves simply repeating past actions, but their ghostly existence continues the consciousness of their former life?” Ghosts like this would still be rational and have desires and fears just like the rest of us. So, what if a ghost haunted a house and developed feelings for the homes’ new occupant like in The Mediator?  What if that occupant couldn’t see the ghost?

Ghostly Stalker (A Sonnet)

By B. Forrester
Alas, I’m loved by a man I cannot see
a ghost who is lustful and drifting,
silent as the grave is he, he who’s stalking me
Elysian paradise a trade for my evening.
His touch is a cold breeze across my skin
His kiss on my lips is an ice cube’s bite
His scent smells like newly turned earth and gin
the love he brings fills me with fright.
I cannot run for he will follow chase
I cannot hide for he can walk through walls
with the darkest preternatural grace,
while across the leaf strewn ground I crawl.
He has eternity to achieve his goal,
distraught and I will never be consoled


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