Poem – Elements of Love

I wrote this poem for a course during my Bachelor’s degree. It reminds me of summer love. I’ve always been inspired by Greek mythology and when I wrote it, in my imagination, this was Apollo, walking by the sea on a Greek island.

Elements of Love

By B. Forrester


Golden hair and sky-blue eyes,
found himself the perfect guise,
dimpled chin and heavy tan,
sunlight, in the form of man.

Walking down beside the waves,
sweltering in the summer haze,
hearing tales he eagerly sought her,
he found the girl down by the water.

Auburn hair and bright sage eyes,
with face and form a perfect size,
china skin, no hint of tan,
she found her gaze upon the man.

Her hand his lips did lightly graze,
and sent her mind into a daze,
his lust swelled when he thought he caught her,
this beautiful nymph, the Water’s daughter.

But free she was and free she’d stay,
no earthly ties belong to the Fae,
she would be his for one night only,
he’d think he won and be left lonely.

He gave her a name to call him by,
hiding the truth behind his lie,
while laying in the grains of sand,
this sunlight in the form of man.

In the pinkish glow of the sunset rays
long shadows on their skin did play,
of her love she gave no guarantee,
as they frolicked by the Aegean Sea.

IMG_3412In loves dream the night seemed to fly,
till the early morning glow drew nigh
he wanted to stay, consequences be damned,
But that would not go according to plan.

She felt the ocean’s call too strong,
tempting her home like a Siren’s song,
welcoming waves of sea blue green,
hiding a world of salty dreams.

False notions he had she would dispel;
they couldn’t foretell coming under Eros’ spell,
for he was made of the sunshine’s gold
and she was water alive to behold

For each other they would always long,
but to each other, neither could belong,
until a time that is still unseen,
when fate herself will intervene.

For fire and water together go well,
yet in each other’s realms neither can dwell,
a moment in time is all they can hold,
dancing a dance for centuries untold.


Published by bforresterbooks

Indie Author. Lover of all things supernatural, witchy and magical. Obsessed fan of The Wizard of Oz, Supernatural, the works of Tolkien and the Harry Potter Universe. You can purchase my debut novel The Kingston Chronicles at Amazon.

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