Celebrating Imbolc

So, Imbolc was yesterday down here in the southern hemisphere. This Imbolc I was moved to spend some time working on perennial decorations. I don’t have Sabbat decorations as such, not in the way that people store Christmas decorations. In the past I have observed the Sabbats but never made a big deal out of them. Over the last year or so I’ve been moved to start observing them more overtly. I still haven’t made a huge deal out of decorating the house because the renovations are ongoing (oh my gods will they ever end??? This is the third year. We were supposed to have them all done but the end of the first. Renovations: they never go to plan. But I digress).

So, I’ve been spending the odd hour here and there researching the Sabbats themselves for symbols and colours etc that really speak out to me. I’m what you’d call an eclectic pagan, meaning I follow paths that I feel drawn to rather than specifically following a more structured religious experience like Wicca. I was keeping all my research notes in a digital book of shadows which was all well and good until it disappeared from my laptop. Did I not save it? Did I accidently delete it? Are there Demons in the internet? I can never think that without seeing Anthony Stuart Head in a tweed suit. So, I’m virtually back at square one. I’ve also never had overt altars, and this is also something I’m researching. Most of my altars are very low key (I spent most of my life living with Christians or in share houses keeping myself to myself).

I’m loving Pinterest for cheap, but meaningful, decoration ideas. For example, I absolutely love this wreath idea for Samhain from Martha Stewart. As well as this Candle holder. It’s really hard to get nice Halloween/Samhain pieces in Australia because that part of British culture never transferred over here from Scotland like it did in America. Most Australians think of Halloween as an American holiday which I just don’t understand because in every other situation it seems like the Australian attitude is “any excuse for a party”. I like the pieces that look like they could be store bought like some of the pieces on Gothic Homemaking – a Youtube series by Aurelio Voltaire, who is actually one of my favourite performers. It’s also a great source of altar ideas.

I’d love to hear from you. Tell me about the symbols you use in your chosen path, decorations and altar ideas. Do you have a Pinterest board with similar ideas I can follow for inspiration? Or do you have a Witchy or DIY blog I can follow? Comment below or send me a message.


Edit: 3/8/18

So embarrassing. Must have looked at the wrong month in my diary. Oh well, now I can celebrate twice.


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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Imbolc

  1. I read up on pagan holidays for a character in my book. I loved how a lot of it is related to nature. Perhaps you could create decorations from things naturally found in your environment. Australia has some beautiful plants and using natural resources would also be cost effective x


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