Easter Sale and Goodreads Giveaway!

Easter Promo 2

Well there’s a lot going on for me during the month of March. I’m really excited to be able to announce that I have two great offers running. Not only will The Kingston Chronicles kindle edition be on sale for 99c USD as a special for Easter and Ostara (sale starts 30th March 2018 and Ends 2nd of April 2018) at Amazon (click here), but I am also super excited to announce my first ever Goodreads Giveaway.  This year instead of giving chocolate eggs why not give someone a new book? They’re guilt-free, fat free, sugar free and less likely to harm your waistline! It’s the season of new beginnings so why not pick up a copy of The Kingston Chronicles and give it a try today.

Giveaway 2

March 3rd 2017 was the date that The Kingston Chronicles became available on Amazon. After nine long years working on it The Kingston Chronicles was finally out there in the world. So to celebrate I’m giving away 10 kindle editions through Goodreads. Due to Goodreads terms and conditions these Kindle copies will only be available to residents of the United States of America. Hopefully in the future I will be able to host international competitions. The competition runs between March 3rd 2018 and April 2nd 2018. To enter the competition head over to my Goodreads Giveaway page. Bookmark it today so you can find it again on the 3rd 😊. Please share this with your American friends and family so they can enter too and enjoy the magic!



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Indie Author. Lover of all things supernatural, witchy and magical. Obsessed fan of The Wizard of Oz, Supernatural, the works of Tolkien and the Harry Potter Universe. You can purchase my debut novel The Kingston Chronicles at Amazon.

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